Advisory Team

Dear EVPA Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the membership of the EVPA Advisory Team to assist in climate survey action planning efforts, led by the EVPA Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).  

This group was selected from the list of interested employees and employees recommended by unit leadership that ensures diversity of cross-unit representation and groups at the broadest levels.

The EVPA Advisory Team consists of 15 mid to frontline EVPA employees that bring unique experiences and perspectives. The full EVPA Advisory Team includes:

  • Bianca Price, Sr. HR Professional, HR Solutions Center
  • Christy Turner, Sr. HR Professional, HR Organization and Professional Development
  • Queen McMiller, HR Manager, HR Solutions Center
  • Stephanie Ly, Unit HR Administrator, IT HR
  • Ken Overway, Information Technologist, IT Services Infrastructure
  • Jade Thomas, Information Technologist,  IT Services Security
  • KJ Downer-Shojgreen, Information Technologist, IT Educational Technology
  • Eric Doolittle, Skilled Trades Supervisor, IPF Building Services
  • Sean Fox-Elster, Unit HR Administrator, IPF HR
  • Jaclyn Barlow, Office Coordinator, IPF Support Services
  • Kelsey Oosterhoff, Capital Renewal Planning Manager, IPF Real Estate
  • Lara Druelle, Purchasing Agent, UPL Procurement
  • Lori Young, Service Manager, UPL Procurement
  • Andrea Parker, Accounting Clerk, UPL Logistics and University Stores
  • Tina Alonzo (convener)

The EVPA Advisory Team will play a vital role in determining and guiding outcome-driven action steps, incorporating unit stakeholder input, that would most effectively improve employee experience, perceptions, and address organizational needs. The team will also propose a formal recommendation, outlining a framework for implementation, to Melissa Woo, executive vice president for administration and chief information officer.  

If you would like to share solutions or your input, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or thoughts for addressing the EVPA climate survey results, please complete the EVPA Action Planning Feedback Form.

Please contact us at for ongoing communication with or questions for the EVPA Advisory Team. ​



Tina Alonzo, CM, CHRS, CDP (she/her/hers)

EVPA DEI Administrator, 

EVPA Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – EVPA Office of DEI

Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration (EVPA)

Access the EVPA Advisory Team Charter here.