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Excellence in Execution

Aligned with the university’s 2030 Strategic Plan, the Office of EVPA is exploring opportunities to be better stewards of university resources; enhance customer service and agility; modernize our systems, processes and policies; and to comport ourselves to the highest standards expected of those who are privileged to expend public funds.

We practice for Excellence in Execution by:

  • Doing the right thing, the right way
  • Collaborating effectively with others in pursuit of the common good
  • Enabling everyone to do their best work in an equitable and inclusive manner
  • Comporting ourselves to the highest standards and are privileged to expend public funds
  • Acting as good stewards of the environment, community, and world we live in
  • Optimizing value (= worth/cost) and reducing non-value-add activities
  • Being efficient and effective
  • Engaging in evidence-based practices
  • Remaining steadfast in our commitment to continuous improvement
  • Demonstrating agency and the power to make tomorrow better for future generations of Spartan