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About the Office


The EVP for Administration delegates authority to the units responsible for delivering work in well-managed programs and remains accountable for the work delivered:

  • MSU Human Resources: MSU Human Resources (MSU HR) manages the employee life cycle, including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, professional development, performance management, administering benefits, compensation and labor relations. 
  • MSU Information Technology: MSU Information Technology (MSU IT) offers comprehensive technical support across all university aspects, empowering students, faculty and staff to accomplish their objectives.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Facilities: Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) plans, builds, maintains and beautifies the physical environment in support of Michigan State University’s education, research and outreach missions and directs the university’s long-term infrastructure planning goals. 
  • University Procurement and Logistics: University Procurement and Logistics (UPL) is responsible for managing the supply chain at Michigan State University. 

Office Structure 

The staff functions within the Office of EVPA support the EVPA in integrating efforts across the university, consistent with the responsibilities and accountabilities associated with their respective roles:

  • Strategic Plan Implementation: Manages the implementation of MSU 2030 strategic plan within the themes that the Executive Vice President for Administration is an executive sponsor.
  • Enterprise Project Management Office: Prioritizes projects at the enterprise level with MSU's strategic goals to better align project efforts and emphasize efficient resource management, while considering efficient stewardship and sustainability of university resources.
  • Office of Sustainability: Serves as the central coordinator and convener for the university’s progress in advancing sustainability.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team: Provides education and engagement opportunities to cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive community that is welcoming and supportive for staff within the EVPA portfolio, ensuring that our people can achieve their full potential.
  • Communications team: Aligns with MSU's messaging and brand, focusing on recognizing and celebrating campus achievements and exceptional staff. Additionally, they provide executive communications support for the EVP for Administration and MSU Finance.

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The Office of the EVP for Administration handles all administrative support for the EVPA.

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The initiatives listed below guides much of the work the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration and are intentionally focused on supporting the MSU Mission and its People. 

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