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Advisory Team

In preparation to address the EVPA Climate Survey results through action planning efforts, we are putting together an EVPA Advisory Team. This team will work collaboratively to share and collect feedback and input from you that will guide the EVPA strategy, and support unit-level plans.

Would you like to share your interest in joining the Advisory Team? Complete the EVPA Advisory Team Feedback Form now! 

Charge to the team

We are looking for mid to frontline supervisors and individual contributors from each EVPA unit to help prioritize, inform action planning, and guide strategy based on the EVPA Climate Survey results, focusing on enterprise-wide priorities. In short, help determine and guide outcome-driven action steps that would be most effective to improve employee experience, perceptions and the organizational needs. 

Interested personnel can share their interest in serving on the Advisory Team or serve as a resource and offer input into how we decide to move forward together. 

Why should I participate in EVPA Action Planning? 

We can’t forge a pathway towards a better normal for all employees without your participation. We want to be intentional about identifying Advisory Team members who actually will be implementing positive changes to improve our shared workplace experiences and those most impacted by strategic actions, often times the bulk of the workforce -- mid to frontline supervisors and staff. Your participation could be sharing your interest in joining the Advisory Team; submitting an idea, suggestion for improvement or general feedback via the feedback form or participating in future focus groups. Your participation and all input, suggestions, and ideas are welcome!  

How are Advisory Team members selected? 

Advisory Team members are selected from the list of interested employees (via the feedback form) and employees recommended by unit leadership that ensure diversity of cross-unit representation and groups at the broadest levels. 

What is the anticipated level of involvement? 

Details will be determined by the Advisory Team participants when convened immediately following the official survey results rollout in early 2023. To participate, you must be a full-time employee (FTE), approval from your supervisor, and attend monthly meetings (TBD – 1 hr.). 

I have a question or need more information? 

Please send an email to the EVPA Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at